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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I can....

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The reflections' task mission

what's going on Shima?
Shima: hehehe ;)
are you ok Shima?
Shima: great :D
are you sure Shima?
Shima: yeah for sure
Shima: :P
what the fakeh!!! and what is going on with shima the cutest girl... haha

I'm uder stress. Huhuhu. Stress to complete the bundles of assignments. Stress to handle and face some people around me. Huh (sighing) I feel like I don't want to go back to IPG anymore. :'(
to my beloved; I want U to be by my side rite now. Im stressful. Pity me...
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Monday, March 28, 2011

the story of the story telling...

Hi all. 
Since i do my SBE at SKPK, i can feel the happiness of teaching primary school. Maybe before this i teach secondary school and the feel was totally different. 
And of course they are still kids and they need more attention from teacher.
My SBE is not just to complete the task given my IPG but, i take the challenge to train student in story telling competition. Hehehe. Act it is an easy task perhaps the student is my niece. But I try to do my best to act as a teacher to her. hopefully she can improve her spoken language.
Now i'm fighting to complete the report and reflections. And also fighting to accomplish the assignments.. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm very happy today..

Assalamualaikum. hi again guys for today.
Bufday girl wanna dodle in her wall as she is now a quarter century person
I'm so happy today because of the wishes from my beloved mum, my beloved future hubby, my siblings and also  all my dear frens...
I thought that I just wanna make a very delicious lempeng ever, but since someone wanna treat me pizza, so i grab the opportunity la. heheheh
that's not the key of my happiness today, but the smile and gila2 of him, make me felt very happy today..
thanks to beloved cuz treat me pizza, and thanks for coming to make me smile...

it comes again...

today was a fairy tale... hahahaha...
Assalamualaikum and morning to all...
I woke up so early today maybe because of an early slept last nite. and I think it was a very quality sleep. As I woke up, I realize that I'm getting 1 year older than yesterday.. Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah cuz give me chances to live in Your world n give a space for me to meet everyone that I love.
Unlike previous 2 years, I'm now no longer working n I'm a student. So maybe this year i will not celebrate it  at any fast food place just like before. Huhuhu. But I'll do something different today maybe some kinds of lempeng instead of banana chocolate. Or it just jemput-jemput. hehehe.. The menu is doesn't matter but the value does.
My wish for this age is to complete my studies with an excellent achievement 4 flats... insyaAllah.... Then to be posted near to my beloved person. Maybe i have to postpone my big day because of economic and time constraint. It's okay as long as I know that he loves me. Thanks my dear. I love U.
And thaks to those wish me a great happy bufday. I hope everyone will get everything you want in life and same goes to me. InsyaAllah. Amin....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My life...

I'm back again after a month I left my space empty without updates... Ya I'm quite busy
with bundles of assignment. Those should be done and submitted asap. Huhuhu... Headache, hectic, horrible. Triple H. Huhuhu this is my life now.
Just be patient Shima. Its only for next 8 months.
There're so many things came across. Until sometimes I can't control it. I cried, I laugh, I smiled. I tried to be strong enough to face everything but sometimes I felt lost.
Nobody knows....
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